Lofton employees have the highest level of integrity when dealing with their customers.  I am very impressed with the way they foster open communication with their clients.

- Robin, Office Manager

Good customer service.  They respond to questions quickly and assist in setting up temporary help for us.

- David, Operations Manager

Lofton Energy answers our calls no matter what time we call.

- Mitzi, Human Resources Manager

They have always been a good and professional company to work with.  I myself came from Lofton and have been at the current employer for 9+ years. So, I have actually been able experience working with them from both sides and have no complaints.

- Robert, Equipment Coordinator

Lofton always manages to find candidates that will fit our admittedly picky expectations.

- Chad, Vice President

Lofton Named to Forbes America's Best Recruiting Firms

Congratulations Lofton Staffing Services for being named to Forbes America's Best Recruiting Firms 2018. This is Lofton Staffing’s second ranking with Forbes, as they were ranked #10 in America’s Best Recruiting Firms in 2017. Forbes Media, partnered with Statista, on the national survey asked staffing clients, job candidates, and agency recruiters who they would recommend. In total, the survey resulted in 20,000 recommendations, the firms with the top 500 rankings made the list.  Congratulations Lofton team for being recognized for your outstanding service on a national level!

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We Believe...

Relationships are built…one on one.
Know your people - match interest and talents to the tasks.
Don’t manage by numbers. (They just show if we’re on track.) People do the work.
People should feel better when they leave than when they came – and in turn we feel better.
When we help others, we help ourselves.
Great expectations: fair pay, fair treatment, teach me.
Have fun…and be better.
Work at having fun (51% of the time.) If you don’t feel it, fake it. Having fun is not slacking off. Work is more natural than play.