7 Hot Tips for Security Officers

Nov 7, 2017

Working security is serious business. Security officers are responsible for protecting client’s employees, customers, and property. Many times an alert security officer can spot potential dangers and/or suspicious behavior and “halt” an incident before it has time to “begin.” If you’re in security, these 7 tips will help you stay on top of your game.


1.       Dress the Part 

·         We’re talking beyond the assigned uniform. It’s not just what you wear – it’s how you wear it. Wear a well-fitted and pressed uniform, keep your belt clean, and polish both your badge and boots.

·         Speaking of that uniform and boots – don’t go for cheap – go for comfort. Choose a uniform that fits the weather (layers underneath in cold temps – wicking material for those hot days). Make sure it doesn’t restrict your movements – the last thing you need is a tight uniform hampering your action should an incident occur. Choose boots or shoes that not only fit well but also provide support – especially if you do a lot of walking or stairs.

·         Wear appropriate body armor for your position and location – remaining legally compliant, of course.


2.      Invest in Quality Equipment

·         Carry appropriate accessories and equipment. It will help you do your job at optimal efficiency and add another layer of safety.

·         Keep your equipment in top condition. Schedule regular maintenance checks and replace batteries before they go dead.

·         Keep a spare gear bag – if something acts up while you’re on duty, you’ll have an instant replacement.


3.      Maintain your Vehicle

·         Many security officers stay onsite for their entire shift, but if your position includes time in a vehicle, apply the same care to it.

·         Keep it clean and well maintained. Regular maintenance checks are imperative.

·         Never let your gas gauge drop below the halfway mark.


4.      Play the Role

·         Be punctual – arrive at least 10 minutes before your shift starts.

·         Remain professional – even when friends show up. A security officer must be “on guard” at all times. Don’t let “talking” to people distract you from “protecting” people.

·         Stay alert and aware. Yes, security is sometimes a bit boring, but that’s no excuse for complacency.

·         Go for integrity – it’s a winner every time.


5.      Hone your Observation Skills

·         Key into your environment - know the details of your area – the doors and exits, closets, and stairs. Be aware of safety hazards, temporary obstructions, and potential risk areas.

·         Stay in tune mentally. Think about potential situations and plan how you will react if it happens. If you work with a team, ensure that everyone knows plan A, B, and C should an emergency arise.

·         Pay attention to people. Learn how to quickly access a person’s physical appearance – from height, weight, and hair color/style to identifying physical characteristics such as unusual tattoos. Pay attention to shoes – they are the most identifiable article of clothing.


6.      Stay On Top of Your Game

·         Always have a clear understanding of your responsibilities – fulfill them and then do a little more.

·         Never stop learning. Keep up on your training. Attend seminars on industry topics – from dealing with hazardous waste protocol to CPR and first aid skills to responding to irate people – and everything in between.


7.      Take Responsibility

·         That’s your actions and, if you lead a team, for your team’s actions.

·         Playing the “blame game” only increases negativity should an incident happen. Taking responsibility and responding accordingly, leaves the client remembering how you responded to an incident rather than the incident itself.

·         This includes knowing your limits – assess situations carefully and call for assistance when needed. You aren’t the paramedic, firefighter, bomb squad, and riot control all in one. Do your job and enable others to do their job.


Security officers play an important role, regardless of the industry they serve. If you’re considering this field, visit Lofton Staffing. Our security division specializes in armed and unarmed services for many industries. We’ll connect you with the position that best-fits your experience, skills, and goals. Contact us today.


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