Become a Superstar Employee: Harness Your Emotional Intelligence

It's a valuable soft skill.

Jun 12, 2018

The summer months are the perfect time to slow down, get out of the rat race for a while, and relax. In fact, it can be an excellent time for self-evaluation, a time to discover passions and interests, and how you can be a better person, a better friend, and a better employee through emotional intelligence. 

Defining Emotional Intelligence: A soft skill that lends perspective on how you work and interact with others, it involves incorporating new strategies to strengthen your value in the workplace - a necessary attribute in today’s unpredictable job market. 

Emotional Intelligence will be one of the top ten job skills by 2020, according to The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report. So, what does it mean?

 Psychology Today's definition is: “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It includes three skills: Emotional awareness, the ability to harness emotions, and apply them to tasks such as thinking and problem solving; and the ability to manage emotions, which includes regulating your own emotions and cheering up or calming other people.” That’s a mouthful. Let's simplify.

In the work environment, the myth that the highest IQ's make the most successful employees is debunked after decades of research. Emotional Intelligence and IQ are different; EQ relates to human behavior (your personal and social competence), while Q relates to your intellect.

Two Categories of Competence That Define Emotional Intelligence

1. Personal Competence

  • Self-awareness: A conscious awareness and accurate perception of your emotions.
  • Self-management: Using that awareness to stay flexible and confident in your behavior.

2. Social Competence

  • Social awareness: An awareness and accurate perception of other's emotions.
  • Relationship management: Using that awareness to manage social interaction successfully.

According to TalentSmart, a firm that provides EQ training, 90% of top performers across all industries have a high EQ, and this asset is responsible for 58% of job performance. Your EQ is at the core of everything you do, and controls every skill in your toolbox, but, when differentiating, IQ is learning ability, and EQ is how to use what you've learned.  

How to Raise Your EQ at the Office – 6 Tips

  • Digital communication: Email is an integral part of office communication; but, sometimes words are misconstrued; therefore, it’s imperative you read and re-read all correspondence before you hit the enter key. Keep in mind, recipients, including the boss, cannot read your tone of voice in your email; you can easily give the wrong impression with just one little word.
  • Reflect on your emotions and ask others for their perspective: You may not always be accurate in defining your emotions, but with practice and help it improves.
  • Pause and observe: It will help you be more in tune to what you and others are feeling.
  • Ask yourself questions: Why am I feeling this way? Why do they think the way they do? What factors am I missing? What would I think if I were in their shoes?
  • Embrace criticism: Accept criticism as a gift – an opportunity to grow and learn. Even unfair criticism can convert into a learning experience.
  • Avoid negativity: It's very easy to get pulled into negative conversations at work. Some people thrive on gossip and negative talk. Their behavior can change the mood of an entire office in one full sweep and convert a once optimistic group of employees to a pack of complainers. Exercise your EQ by avoiding negative conversations – or better yet, change the course of the conversation.

Above are just six examples of how EQ is enhanced; however, every individual has their own set of deficiencies to attack. If you want to take charge of your career, and strengthen your job security, build emotional intelligence. Recognize the feelings of emotions that arise within you, and choose to control them. Take time to recognize others' emotions empathetically. This new skill allows for a more peaceful co-existence in the world.

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