Becoming Part of the Solar System: The Job Outlook in Solar Power

The fastest growing industry!

May 1, 2018

Anyone interested in seeking employment the field of solar energy, there’s good news; The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that this field is number one out of the top twenty fastest growing industries in America. Figures are calculated from 2016 and projected out to 2026, with an estimated growth rate of 105 percent for solar photovoltaic system installers.

Global attention for clean energy is becoming more prominent by the day resulting in a higher demand of workers in the field.

According to a recent article in Forbes, “In the United States, more people were employed in solar power last year than in generating electricity through coal, gas and oil energy combined.” This fact translates to 43 percent or 374,000 workers of the Electric Power Generation’s workforce as compared to the 187,117 employed in the Fossil Fuel Power industry. This is a clear indication that solar power is becoming a profitable industry, and boon for America’s economy.

Approximately 73,615 new jobs were created in this industry over the past year; wind energy added another 24,650.


Positions in solar energy cover a vast area in many disciplines that include science, engineering, manufacturing, construction, and installation powering residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Research and development is a significant part of this sector. However, positions in the sciences require a doctorate for positions in research and development of new products.

On the other hand, some may enter a scientific field with a master’s or bachelor’s degree. Outstanding computer skills are a must for the employee to perform skills associated with positions in modeling, testing, data analysis, and integration, most of which do not require a license or certificate.


According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for engineers in the industry is about $99,250; newcomers entering the field can start at a salary of $52,570. Those with the highest level of experience can make up to $152,970. The final figure is determined based on one’s experience and education.

Engineering in The Field of Solar Power

Materials engineers: Develop process and test materials, work with semiconductors, metal, plastic, glass, and composites

Chemical engineers: Design or improve equipment, and devise processes for the manufacture of chemicals and products

Electrical engineers: Design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing process of electrical parts

Industrial engineers: Determine the best way to use the elements of production such as workforce, machinery, materials, energy, and information.

Mechanical engineers: Responsible for developing, designing, and manufacturing, the testing of machines, engines, and more

Computer software developer:  Computer specialists, who design and develop software.

Engineering techs: Major role is to solve technical problems in various areas such as development, research, construction, manufacturing, maintenance, and inspection. Listed above are the professional positions. However, jobs are available for all levels of training, and education and span across a multitude of industries.

Candidates who wish to enter the arena of solar power have a plethora of segments in which to choose. The field is the fastest-growing industry in America and coupled with the anticipated number of available new positions make it an excellent choice. Furthermore, the discipline is so vast that your acquired skills in other industries will be an asset. The level of education and skills required spans across all position levels making it accessable to a wide range of candidates.

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