Bouncing Back After COVID-19

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

Jun 2, 2020

Being laid off from a job is arguably the most traumatic experience you may face in your career. With the drastic rise in unemployment during the pandemic, everyone knows someone who lost their job due to a furlough or layoff or loss in hours due to decrease in demand. The harsh reality is that when the economy shuts down, companies simply can’t meet their payroll. Companies aren’t letting people go because they want to, but because they have to. And certain industries are hurting more than others.  

Many states are phasing in re-opening procedures to get people back into the workforce. Take advantage of the slowing job market by getting clarity about where you want to work and the type of role and title you're seeking. Successful job seekers will be able to adapt to changes and harness their emotions to get back in the workforce. Here are a few ways to get out there and compete for a new job.  


Now is the perfect time to work on boosting your skills. Whether it’s improving your soft skills (verbal communication, writing, etc.) or mastering work skills, this is the time you need to brush up on to make yourself an even better candidate when the job market picks up again. There are plenty of online courses on a variety of topics and industries. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Class Central.  It pairs you with options from other sites like Coursera, edX and others based upon your needs and interest. You can also find videos and courses on YouTube



If you are one of the many workers that were furloughed due to COVID-19, be sure to stay in contact with managers and co-workers. This could be through email or text messages.  You could also stay in touch with industry trends and changes on LinkedIn other social media.  Keep your name active and top of mind to managers when the economy begins to recover.



If the job in your industry has taken a blow, it may be time to branch out into other types of work. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and even take lower pay for the time being. There are many industries that are experiencing high demand, so it is worth branching out and expand your skills.  

Cleaning Services: Businesses will need to make sure they are complying with CDC cleaning regulations. Local cleaning companies might be experiencing a surge in demand, so check to see if anyone is hiring. Many companies use a staffing firm to help fill temporary demand, so be sure to register with a staffing firm, like Lofton Staffing Services.  

Medical: Of course, for most positions you would need a degree or professional credentials. But many hospitals and clinics may need support staff to answer phones, file paperwork or perform temperature checks. Telemedicine is also a growing industry that could use remote and contract administrative work.  

Delivery Services: Restaurants will continue a large to-go orders service for a while. There will probably be an increased demand for drivers and fulfillment services. Supply-chain industries and meal kit companies (like HelloFresh or Blue Apron) are going to become essential as people eat out less.  

Box Stores: Grocery stores and big box stores (Costco, Sam’s Club) are doing their best to stay open and supplied during the pandemic. They most likely need extra help to stock shelves in order to keep up with demand.  

Security: There has been an increase in demand of licensed Security Officers during the stay-at-home order and with many states preparing to re-open at limited occupancy, they will need to increase security personnel to ensure order and/or prepare for any type of panic or outbreak. Apply at if interested in becoming part of the elite team of Lofton officers.



In addition to responding to jobs directly through on-line boards, consider using a staffing firm. Many companies use a staffing firm, to relieve the stress and burden of rifling through hundreds of unqualified resumes. A good staffing firm, Like Lofton Staffing Services, becomes your advocate and "represents you" with their clients in finding employment. Once your resume has been received, you will be invited for an interview to talk about your skills, your goals, and the type of work you consider ideal. Many jobs never get posted on job boards, so a staffing firm will possibly be able to recommend you for a position you didn't even know was available.


About Lofton: Founded in 1979, Lofton Services offers clients the best of all worlds. We provide the responsive, personal service and flexibility of a small local firm while having the technology, resources, and infrastructure to deliver the benefits of the biggest players in our industry. Lofton Staffing can deliver the right people, with the right skills, right when you need them. Contact us today


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