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Feb 21, 2018

Choosing a career that not only fits your skills but also matches your personality, life mission, and dreams can be a challenge. Nobody likes to waste time discovering the hard way that they detest the position they spent four years in college for, followed by several years at entry -level, trying to move forward. Yes, there’s immense value in tests designed to help you choose the right career path for you, but it isn’t always enough by itself. Sometimes the best choice is to ask those who have excelled in their careers why they like their chosen field. Gain a little insight into exactly what about their profession ignites their happy dance. Their reasoning might resonate with you – that’s a plus – or it might make you cringe – that’s a good reason to choose a different direction. We’ve put together a list of “why I love this job” points for various fields to help you find your career path.

Office and Administration

Office and administration professionals enjoy a lot of diversity in their daily tasks. They have a finger on the pulse of many different facets of the company who employs them. They enjoy this variety as well as the opportunity to work with a lot of different people – which is significant since they tend to enjoy helping others. They like the responsibility of coming up with viable solutions, managing people, schedules, procedures, policies, etc. Knowing that people trust them and rely on them to “make it happen” is more exciting than stressful. Finally, they appreciate the level of “freedom” that often comes with office and administration once they climbed high enough up the ladder.

Industrial and Construction

While office and administration belong primarily inside and manages people, industrial and construction is hands-on and often out in the elements. Those who love this industry enjoy knowing building stuff that people need. Whether it’s a hospital, school, or the road that helps you get there, they can look at it and say “I helped build that!” Workers in this industry like using their hands and brains to create the many facets that make up our country’s infrastructure. Every new job brings new challenges, and at the end of the day, they can see the results of their work. Rarely do they work alone – it’s all about teamwork at every stage of the game. And best of all, their work is always needed, and their jobs can’t be sent overseas.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas is an excellent choice for many – from people who enjoy the office scene to those who thrive in the labs to those who want to work in the big outdoors, including offshore. Technology is continually expanding in this area - the industry uses the most up to date state of the art technology to get top results – so workers constantly have the opportunity to develop new skills. In addition to training and development, many positions provide opportunities to travel.

Medical Staffing

Medical staffing is one of the fastest growing fields offering positions at all levels of experience and education – which ensures job stability. Fast-paced, challenging, and exciting, it’s an excellent choice for individuals who thrive in serving others. Every community has healthcare – ensuring that those who choose this field can find work in virtually any location. While most positions require some training or degrees, many medical facilities help employees to attain additional education. Healthcare workers can choose from a variety of different opportunities – from working in clinics, homes, hospitals, or labs.

Security Officers

While a position as a security officer doesn’t require a significant amount of education and is often seen as a stepping stone to other careers, there’s a lot to be said for choosing this field. Protecting people and property is a big responsibility and brings immense satisfaction. It is an excellent choice for the person who want to get out from behind a desk. In some positions, it offers opportunity to interact with a lot of different people – in others, it provides significant “quiet time.” In fact, that is one of the plusses – there are a variety of specialties and niches within the field. Many security positions involve physical activity and almost all areas allow either room for advancement or provide a springboard into other careers.

Whichever career you choose, Lofton Staffing is a great resource. We connect candidates with positions in each of the industries above. From entry-level to management; form temp to temp-to-hire to direct hire, we help you find the niches that fits your skills, experience, and personality. Founded in 1979, our mission has never changed: to provide the best service possible. We connect candidates and companies every day. Contact us now.




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