Hiring A Cybersecurity Manager

An HR Challenge

Jan 9, 2018

The task is before you – it’s one of your toughest challenges as a hiring manager. Finding the cybersecurity manager, who has the best skills - both hard and soft, experience, and cultural fit for your team. You don’t want to be the next contender for the data breach “hall of fame.” Neither do you want to be repeating this process a year from now. It’s time to focus on what your company needs.

Establish the Management position you need. Cybersecurity involves systems (firewalls, data leakage protection systems, patching, encryption, vulnerability scanning . . .) and risk management (securing vendor and third-party risk, data privacy issues . . .) Both aspects involve extensive responsibilities. Furthermore, every department within a business requires technology and therefore risk. The Cybersecurity Manager is not only a department, it’s also a support system for all other departments. According to BitSight, the responsibilities of a Cybersecurity Manager include:

  • Monitor all operations and infrastructure. 
  • Maintain all security tools and technology. 
  • Monitor internal and external policy compliance. 
  • Monitor regulation compliance. 
  • Work with different departments in the organization to reduce risk. 
  • Implement new technology. 
  • Audit policies and controls continuously. 
  • Ensure cyber security stays on the organizational radar. 
  • Detail out the security incident response program.

As you can see, there’s a reason why the median salary range for a cybersecurity manager is well into six figures, but this isn’t the end of the story. In addition to an extensive knowledge of technology - including the ability to continually learn new advances, and a high-level technical discernment and vision for the future, candidates for a cybersecurity management position must have:

  • Business Acumen – an ability to understand the basics within each department, obtain the essential information needed to keep it secure and set an appropriate course of action.
  • Leadership skills. A strategist who not only understands the company’s objectives and can guide future technology directives and policies, but also is able to convey this to the rest of the team.
  • Communication and Teaching skills – an ability to ensure a clear, consistent exchange of vital information as well as taking complicated technology and explaining it in layman’s terms when necessary.

It’s a demanding task. That’s why Lofton Staffing is your best tool. Since 1979, Lofton has built a reputation on providing staffing solutions that companies can rely on to make their business more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable. Lofton can deliver the right people with the skills you need.  Our expertise is reflected by our continually expanding register of Fortune 500 firms and top area client companies. One of our clients put it this way, “Lofton takes the time to get us the right candidate.”











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