Hiring Top-Notch Security Officers

Protect your people and your property.

Feb 7, 2018

Security Officers play a critical role in your company – protecting your people and your property. Finding men and women of integrity who take responsibility for and give due diligence to their position is crucial. What steps can you take to ensure you hire right?

Be clear about the position

Provide an accurate description of the responsibilities attached to the position. Be concise, but clear. For example, if they must arrive 15 minutes before opening the business – no exceptions, then include that in the list.

Be equally clear about the required skills and qualifications. Separate skills that will be trained on-the-job from skills the candidate must have already acquired. Don’t forget pertinent soft skills. For example, the ability to respond quickly with clear thinking and viable solutions if an incident occurs.

Include a summary of salary and benefits, as well as clear instructions for applying.

Make the most of the interview

Before the interview: Thoroughly research their resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social media. While your primary questions will be the same for each applicant, you may want to custom-create some questions based on this information.

At the interview:

Have the candidate bring documentation of required certifications, licenses, etc.

Ask questions that:

  • Confirm the information in their resume.  
  • Reveal whether they have the necessary “soft skills.”
  • Indicate their personality and attitude and whether it will fit your company culture.

Following the interview:

If you are still interested, it’s time to dig deeper – via pre-employment background screening. Considering the candidate is applying for a position as a security officer, these background screening can be particularly important and often include criminal records and drug testing.

Partner with a staffing firm

A staffing security service already have an established roster of security talent. They can fill in for emergency or send extra staffing for special events and other unique situations. Partnering with a staffing service, such as Lofton Security, for your security officers protects employees and assets while saving money and allowing you to dedicate your attention and resources to your core competencies. Any security service can place an officer at your site, but very few services approach client relationships with the insight, experience, and care of Lofton Security Service, Inc. Because being "good” just isn't good enough for us.   Lofton Security specializes in unarmed and armed* guard services.  Lofton Security has offered the best in security services throughout the Southern region since 1979. Contact us today.




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