How Valuable is Your Time?

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

Feb 11, 2020

Your company is hiring and you have a choice:  pay for job postings on various job boards or use a staffing firm. You hear the ads all the time! “Post your job and get responses from candidates that fit your position!” So what’s the benefit of using a staffing firm (or staffing partner) instead of just posting it yourself?  Well, that depends on how valuable your time is, and how much of it you want to spend recruiting for a single position.  

Job Posting Cost

Resume databases like Careerbuilder, Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, etc. use subscription plans to allow employers to post jobs and search their resume database.  Costs vary depending on the site, but range between a $199 monthly subscription plan (varies on number of job postings and/or resume searches) to a single job posting starting at $420 per post. Some sites like Facebook and LinkedIn let you set a budget based upon a performance model.  You define an average daily budget and, based on the performance, the site will charge a maximum per day.   

Job Posting Responses

Once your job is posted, job seekers will then submit applications or apply for the position.  Hint: It does not matter how many screener questions you ask; there is no guaranteed method for prohibiting unqualified applicants from responding to your job post.  No matter how well their algorithm is written, all jobs get hits from people who do not actually qualify for the position.  This means you and your recruiting staff will have to go through hundreds of “qualified” candidates individually to determine if they are truly qualified.  Which brings us to time.


Time Spent

According to American Staffing Association, the average time spent from interview to offer is 22.5 days. After your recruiters have screened candidates and reviewed their resumes, the next step is to set up a quick phone interview.  Phone interviews range anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour per candidate.  This process could take days depending on the number of responses, how long it takes to actually make contact - which may mean waiting days on return calls - and actually conducting the interview, all the while filtering through the responses still coming in from your job post!   

Next step is face-to-face interviews, background screening, employment verifications, etc. This too could take several days to process.  Then, once you have gone through this whole process and chosen the perfect candidate to fill your position, you call to make the offer, and your perfect candidate has taken another position!  So, now what? You can go to your 2nd or 3rd option, or start the process all over again.


Using a Staffing Firm instead

Staffing firms, like Lofton Staffing Services, have a pool of qualified and screened candidates for specialized positions. Executive search firms, including Lofton’s Executive Search Division, work closely with passive candidates in their niche market, giving you access to a wider range of qualified talent. Having a partner that is proactive rather than reactive in the recruiting process quickly cuts your costly downtime, and reduces the additional burden on other employees within the organization.  

Additionally, staffing firms, like Lofton Staffing Services, provide you with a cost per hire analysis, and offer financial guarantees to support the quality of their talent.  Employees contracted through staffing firm also fall under the staffing firm’s unemployment and workers’ compensation claims. This can quickly decrease costly overhead due to injuries and employee turnover.  

So what are your time and resources worth when hiring new talent for your company? Lofton Staffing Services puts qualified people to work.  Let us go to work for you.


About Lofton: Founded in 1979, Lofton Services offers clients the best of all worlds. We provide the responsive, personal service and flexibility of a small local firm while having the technology, resources, and infrastructure to deliver the benefits of the biggest players in our industry. Lofton Staffing can deliver the right people, with the right skills, right when you need them. Contact us today


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