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Words Matter

Oct 2, 2018

Leadership is about more than the bottom line; it’s about building a successful, confident team through the words spoken every day. The most effective leaders choose words that inspire others to succeed.  Their dialogue influences the members of their team to either push past the obstacles in their way, or to surrender to defeat in the face of adversity. Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue,” and leaders have a unique opportunity to speak powerful and motivating words each time they address their workforce.

What kind of leader are you?  Do your permanent and/or temporary employees see you as someone that encourages and challenges them, or belittles and berates them?  Could it be said that in your role as supervisor you are inspiring greatness or fostering strife?  Here are some tips to using the right words:   

Encouraging/Kind Words

Encouraging and kind words provide hope and relief, and show other people you value them. Whenever you see a team member having a hard day or struggling to complete a task, chose to speak a genuine word of encouragement to them, rather than a frustrated remark of irritation. Positive words will build the morale of the employee, and will raise them up both physically and emotionally. It will likely make their day and encourage them to keep working hard.  Be kind, respectful and professional, and your team will do the same with each other and with you.

Challenging/Corrective Words

No matter how good the team is, sometimes corrective words are necessary to keep the whole unit moving in the right direction.  People can’t always see their own potential, or they develop a false belief about themselves, and in this frame of mind, they fail to think they can do more to achieve greater results. Challenging words break down those limitations and false beliefs.  A leader has the opportunity to stimulate the person to explore their potential, allowing them to grow and take forward action.  When having a corrective conversation with a team member, shift your mindset toward being a coach and mentor.  Maintain a respectful, professional attitude and be clear about the mistakes and the expectations.  It is important to ensure the employee understands their value to the team and to you, while at the same time pointing out the specific error or behavior that needs correcting.

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