On-boarding Tips for Guaranteed Success in Your New Job

Preparation is key.

Apr 10, 2018

Congratulations; you’ve met a career goal, and have secured a job change. As your first day approaches, follow these onboarding tips to assure success in your new role.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

 Make an Impression: First Day on The Job

You may feel uncomfortable during the first few days of your new job, but it’s important to realize that if you plan and incorporate onboarding essentials, you will not only reduce the learning curve, but also make an excellent first impression. The suggestions that follow can assist you.

  • Dress Code: Make sure you are aware of the company’s dress code before you begin your first day. Dress in attire that is consistent with the company dress code policy. The company may offer dress-down Fridays as a fun perk, so read through all company policies before you begin your new career. 
  • Smile: A smile goes a long way, and exudes an air of friendliness and approachability. Put aside your shyness in the office; introduce yourself to others, and smile to avoid exhibiting an air of smugness. That said, the sooner you get to know co-workers, the sooner you will begin to feel comfortable and quickly acclimate yourself to your new work environment. 
  • Introductions: A Human Resources professional or member of the management staff may take you around the office for initial staff introductions, however, make sure you go out of your way to regularly greet colleagues and teammates, and use a firm grip when shaking hands. Try to recall names, and prepare a cheat sheet as a quick reference. 
  • Ask Questions: Asking questions serves more than one purpose; it demonstrates interest, initiative, and resourcefulness while accelerating your knowledge on the topic. Most importantly, you will avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Of course, beware of going overboard with the questions; there is an expectation that you know what you’re doing or you wouldn’t have been hired.
  • Stop, Look, and Listen: When someone speaks, be respectful, use eye contact, and listen intently. Some people make the mistake of thinking of what they’d like to say while someone is speaking. This is not a good idea, so keep your focus at all times.
  • Learn the chain of command: Ask your supervisor for an organization chart to understand the chain of command. Meet with your team members and glean information about the company culture and other helpful information.
  • Expectations: Know exactly what is expected - your responsibilities, work hours, and the company review process. Inquire about changes that will occur in the future, and how your tasks may be affected. 
  • Support: Determine all available sources of office support including technical, maintenance, and any that are directly related to your assigned projects.

Be proactive and set personal onboarding objectives, and your first days spent on the job will be smooth sailing. Make a pleasing first impression with a smile, a confident handshake, and pleasant demeanor, ask questions when needed, and take part in team activities. You will quickly become acclimated and accelerate your productivity.

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