Preventing on-Premise Security Breaches

Ensuring security for your business and your employees.

Nov 21, 2017

Whether your business is small or large with multiple locations, on-premise security is essential. For some companies, in specific areas, it’s a matter of installing an entrance alert chime and locking your door at closing, but for others, hiring security staff becomes crucial.

What can you do to ensure security for your business?

Communicate: Ensure that every employee knows what to watch for concerning suspicious behavior, what to report, and where to report it. Establish appropriate responses and exit actions in case of disaster – whether instigated by persons or natural happenstance.

Hold Back the Darkness: Before you put a lot of expense into high-tech equipment or personnel, cover one of the principle basics – like lighting. Keeping every part of your business – inside and out – well lit puts an automatic damper on negative or intrusive actions.

24/7 Camera Coverage: Cameras are a great way to monitor what’s happening – when you’re open and when you’re closed. Ensure that cameras are strategically placed to cover all areas, maintained in good working order, and consistently reviewed. Neglected cameras won’t provide much more than no cameras.

Employee ID’s: Depending on your business, consider employee ID cards. ID cards can identify staff, establish clearance levels, record when employees arrive and leave, and overall, tighten security.

Personal Storage: Again depending on the type and size of your business, providing lockable private storage areas can be a plus for security within your company.

When should you hire security staff?

There are multiple reasons for hiring security personnel. Some of the top ones include:

  • If your parking lot isn’t enclosed.
  • If any of your employees arrive before dawn or leave after dusk.
  • If your business has a high potential for liability issues.
  • If your business has a high level of in and out traffic.

 Benefits of hiring security staff.

Reliable security staff reduces your stress and allows you to focus on your responsibilities.

The presence of security staff often prevents potential crime and security breaches.

  • Issues are brought to light and dealt with immediately.
  • Increased employee safety, which in turn increases employee morale and loyalty
  • Immediate professional assistance if an event does occur.

Lofton Security, Inc. specializes in both armed and unarmed guard services, offering the best throughout the Southern region since 1979. We focus on client relationships, your assets, and your business, providing a comprehensive security plan to fit your specific needs. Contact us today – at Lofton Security, our officers make a difference.



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