Professional Hires

Part II - Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Feb 20, 2018

Last week we discussed technical and analytical skills that can make the difference between a solid choice and a bad hire. These skills, however, can’t stand alone. A best-matched candidate will also have robust communication and interpersonal skills. When you’re hiring top-level professionals watch for these two additional indicators of a great hire. 


  • Listening  

     Being a good listener – attentive, focusing on, and then clarifying back what is being said instead of thinking about a response or worse yet, interrupting is the most critical communication skill. Watch for this attribute during the interview.

  • Verbal

     The ability to share pertinent information clearly, concisely, and effectively in terms that the receiver will comprehend. It’s a plus at any level, but absolutely imperative at the professional level and in IT.

  • Written

     From memos to technical explanations/instructions, an ability to write well is vital in top-level positions.

  • Debate and Negotiation

     The ability to present and defend a viewpoint in a respectful manner while remaining open-minded to the opposing, or at least differing, view.

  • NonVerbal

     Able to both positively project and accurately discern nonverbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions.

Interpersonal Skills 

  • Positive Life Attitude

     The inclination to view life’s ups and downs from a positive perspective, exhibiting a sense of gratitude, appreciating others, and having an empathetic spirit. In other words, accepting people as they are – without judgment, and life itself as opportunities rather than roadblocks.

  • Self-Confidence

     The innate assurance that they are fit for the task, a healthy trust in their abilities and unafraid to learn what they don’t yet know. True confidence is humble – while cocky arrogance often indicates insecurity rather than confidence. Learn to discern the difference.

  • Work Ethic

     A self-motivating attitude and willingness to get the job done, and done right.

  • Collaborative Spirit

     Willing and able to work productively with others toward a common goal, especially in challenging, high-pressure situations.

  • Professional Etiquette

     Your top-level employees are often in the public eye and do represent your company brand. Choosing a candidate who conducts themselves professionally - in person and via social media - via there dress, language, life choices, etc. is essential.

  • Healthy Relationships

The ability to build healthy relationships, to interact in positive ways with diverse groups of people at varying levels of closeness is essential. This includes a willingness to both mentor others and seek mentors. The same give and take that creates a healthy relationship outside of work, promotes a unified culture at work.

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