Professional Hires

Part I: Technical, Analytical, and Teamwork Skills

Feb 13, 2018

In a tight talent market, it can be easy to hire fast to snag talent before they sign on with a competitor. Unfortunately, this can lead to the costly mistake of a bad hire. No, you can’t drag your feet, but yes, it’s critical to evaluate multiple areas of candidate desirability – especially in the professional realm. Four areas to pay attention to include technical and analytical skills, as well as teamwork – which we’ll discuss in this week’s blogs; and communication and interpersonal skills which we’ll tackle next week. 

Critical Technical and Analytical Skills

  • Critical Thinking  The skill and insight necessary for evaluating information, pinpointing options, and then making a decision based on those findings. 
  • Big Data Analysis  The ability to study a large volume of data, including algorithms and statistics to discover market patterns and trends, and then apply that information in profitable ways.
  • Coding and Programming No, we’re not talking about being a coder or programmer, but IT applicants, as well as many professionals in other fields, who have a basic understanding of either or both, will be an asset to your team. 
  • Management Skills The ability to coordinate and manage a project, whether he/she is completing a solo project or leading an entire team is an essential in upper-level positions
  • Creativity and Innovation Can the candidate document specific results of his/her creativity and innovation? For example, “when I created and implemented program XYZ for a previous employer, our sales increased by 10%.”
  • Specific Technical Skills
  • This may include one or more of the following - AI experience, mobile development/application, virtualization skills, cloud computing, SaaS, and digital transformation.
  • Cybersecurity Big data breaches are “in,” and you don’t want any part of the trend. Hiring professional and IT talent who not only understand and support prevention but have sufficient knowledge to respond promptly and correctly if an incident occurs is an essential.

Teamwork Potential  

  • People Player Watch for indicators that reveal and ability to work effectively with various personalities, skill sets, and work styles.
  • Transparency Be aware of markers that indicate a forthright personality and an openness in their works style (or the lack of it). Seek for a willingness to both give and receive feedback with grace and tact.
  • Decision-maker Finding an employee who knows when to seek counsel and when to take action and move forward – even though it’s deviating from the usual response, is critical.
  • Delegator Talent combined with a strong work ethic is a plus, but you don’t want a candidate who has to do everything. Search for one who can show that they not only know when and what to delegate and also are willing to let the delegate do his/her job.
  • Time management The ability to set goals and then complete tasks on time with less stress and more flexibility.

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