Protecting your Business from Workplace Violence

No one is exempt from the possibility.

May 22, 2018

Each day the media reports acts of violence, and terrorist attacks that occur in our country’s schools, and businesses. Recent National gun control debates and fear have led to an increased number of gun purchases. In fact, according to an analyst at BB&T Capital Markets, “Handgun sales are just going through the roof. It’s about personal protection.”

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 1.7 million employees are victims of workplace assaults each year. In fact, the National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence stated that “an average of 552 work-related homicides occur each year in the U.S.”, but employers only spend an average of $4.50 per employee each year to prevent such acts.

Additionally, violence in the workplace costs American companies up to 36 billion dollars each year; or has caused them to lose their entire business.

The FBI defines workplace violence as “actions or words that endanger or harm another employee or result in other employees having a reasonable belief they are in danger.”

Every employer has a responsibility to implement measures that ensure the safety of employees in the current turbulent climate in which we live.

Necessary Steps to Take

 The NIX Model for Managing Violence Prevention is a comprehensive approach established to help employers create safe environments for employees and includes the following steps:


  • Create a team to evaluate threat management and develop strategy of prevention and responses.
  • Establish goals and objectives and a clear process for incident reporting and management review.
  • If necessary, incorporate outside agencies that specialize in company safety

2. Detection

  • Identify your needs, weaknesses, and risks.
  • Perform a violence assessment, facility risk assessment, and individual threat assessment.
  • Devise options for employees to report threatening acts
  • Implement a tracking device system to monitor events
  • Evaluate HR pre-hire policies regarding background checks. Evaluate how staff views the company’s preventative measures

3. Protection

  • Create and implement a violence prevention policy
  • Promote a security-conscious culture.
  • Include an open dialog policy with employees.
  • Offer anger management coaching or direct employees to proper resources
  • Provide training and education.

4. Prevention

  • Establish a crisis response plan.
  • Develop mandatory procedures for response and incident reporting.
  • Familiarize your staff with a first responders’ response to ‘active shooter’ situation 
  • Perform practice drills.

Today's environment poses many challenges to businesses. Consequently, it is crucial to have appropriate policies and protocols in place to secure the safety of your staff. Appraise the effectiveness of your program regularly; make changes when needed.

Lofton Staffing, we place a high value on safety in the workplace – beginning with making the right hires. We approach client relationships with insight, experience, and care because being “good” isn’t good enough for us. Lofton is committed to assist you in hiring experienced, highly trained, alert, and motivated staff. We’ve been serving clients throughout the Southern region since 1979. Contact us today.



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