Requirements and Responsibilities of Campus Security Officers

It's more than checking the locks.

Aug 14, 2018

If you are a security officer or want to pursue a career in campus security, you've made an excellent choice. In fact, security personnel are high in demand.

What is a University Security Officer?

Campus security officers assume several responsibilities in order to protect students, faculty, and staff from danger. 

Some of those responsibilities include:

·      Patrol the campus by foot or by vehicle to investigate disturbances

·      Secure campus buildings

·      Enforce regulations during events and control crowds

·      Lock and unlock doors 

·      Use surveillance systems to detect suspicious activity

·      Monitor traffic and impose traffic violations

·      Act as a first responder in emergencies

·      Administer first aid

·      Alert staff or police when necessary

·      Submit incident reports

·      Monitor alarm systems

Requirements to Enter the Field of Campus Security If you choose this career, there are various prerequisites to meet.

1.  Education: The minimum academic requirement is a high school diploma or GED. 

2.  Training: Most training is on-the-job.

3.  Work experience: Most schools require at least one to three years’ prior work

       experience in the field.   

4.  License: You will need a valid driver’s license and auto insurance

5.  Medical certifications: CPR, AED (automated external defibrillator), and first aid

      training certification are common prerequisites before hiring. AED training

      incorporates AED equipment, the knowledge and ability to recognize both cardiac

      arrest and the differences between cardiac distress in children and adults.  

 6. Clearance: Criminal background checks, and drug testing.

To summarize, working in campus security is not only a job but your way of giving back to the community while protecting the futures of next generations. While on campus, you will get to know these young adults and learn from their diverse backgrounds. You will accept a variety of responsibilities, and experience days that are all unique presenting new experiences and challenges. You will be an essential part of the campus community.

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