Saluting the Face in Your Mirror

Empowering other lives by your words and actions.

Nov 22, 2017

Leadership. Influence. Inspiration. Empowering other lives by your words and actions. As a company owner or C-level management, you are in a position of leadership. It’s an opportunity to earn tremendous respect and profoundly affect the lives of those around you. If you want to be a leader, however, a positive influence within your connections, and an inspiration to your culture, it won’t just happen. It takes intentional thought, decision making, and actions.


GiANT Worldwide, a global company dedicated to leadership, brings insight into your leadership journey. As you evaluate your influence, ask yourself these questions.

·         What collections of experiences and mentors have brought you to this point in life?

·         Who are the people who helped shape you into the person you want to be; who played a significant, practical role in challenging you to grow?

·         Conversely, what things led you away from being you?

·         How have I passed on, and continue to forward the positive and negative influences of my life into the lives of others?

Acknowledging your past, learning from mistakes, recognizing both achievements and those who influenced them, and understanding the journey that brought you to today, will help you be intentional about moving forward into leadership tomorrow. As GiANT says,

“The fact we must all come to terms with is that ‘we are who we are.’ And

while we can’t change our yesterdays, we can absolutely affect tomorrow,

and quite possibly today, if only we take ownership of our journey.”

Decision Making

Being a leader and influencer requires intentional decision making. It means knowing what is essential and valuable to you, and then using that as a benchmark when decisions arise. Ask yourself:

·         How important is this decision?

·         What are my options?

·         Which ones support my ethical standards, my values, my goals for the future?

·         How will each option affect the other players in my business, social circle, and family?

·         What is my gut instinct?

Intentional decision-making results in decisions that shape you into a better person, and therefore increase your positive impact on others.


The best leaders leave footprints behind that help those who follow; they lay a foundation of examples that help others develop personal strength and leadership qualities. In other words, their actions create more leaders whose actions create more leaders, whose actions . . .

According to Jennifer Ledet, leadership consultant, and professional speaker, leadership isn’t about your position or seniority. It’s about your actions, which inspire others.

“Leadership skills enable you to be a role model for a team in any environment. Great leaders come in all shapes and sizes: in the home, at school, or at the workplace.”

Actions involve choices. Choose to:

Be positive. This is easy when things are going according to the plan, but choose to also be positive in the face of adversity – it will help you make better decisions and to grow from the experience.  

Build confidence. Personal confidence helps you shapes your thoughts and encourages sound decisions, which in turn, builds more confidence.

Take responsibility. Mistakes happen. Decisions go south. The key is taking responsibility, acknowledging where you derailed the train, and taking steps to correct the issue. Embrace mistakes as an opportunity for growth. Choose to see the humor. Being able to laugh at yourself is a sign of strength. Leadership is just as much about how you handle mistakes as it is about making right decisions.

Listen. Most people recognize that sound communication is an essential, but they forget that listening is a critical pillar in great communicating. Listen to wisdom from those who lead you. Listen to those whom you lead. Listening brings an understanding of the real issue and enables you to follow through with the best solution.

Connect. Great leaders don’t stand alone. They involve the people around them. They give others the opportunity to lead a task. They delegate responsibilities to not only free themselves up for other priorities but also to enable others to learn and grow.

Be an intentional leader. Recognize your journey to this position, make sound decisions, and set a worthy example by your actions. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing others influenced in positive ways and discover that you can salute that face in the mirror.

Lofton Staffing understands the essentialness of leadership and building a staff that enhances it.  Following the leadership of their father, who started Lofton in 1979, Bret and Bart Lofton continue to lead in the staffing industry. They maintain ongoing relationships with some of the finest companies in the Gulf South, who look to Lofton for quality candidates. 

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