Self-Promoting at Work

Sometimes you are your only cheering section

Mar 12, 2019

Are you the type of person who keeps their head down at work, does their job efficiently and effectively, yet NO ONE knows it? You might need a little boost from the cheering section….your own! Like it or not, promoting yourself at work is a necessary part of your career if you want to succeed. You don’t have to be a braggart, but you do need to be able to let your bosses and co-workers know what you do, where you excel, and what you are able to accomplish in your job. Below are some tips to help you promote yourself at work without annoying the entire office.

Change Your Perception. 

If the very idea of self-promotion makes you cringe, you need to change your perception. First, accept self-promotion as a part of your career. Just like the tasks you do on a daily basis, promoting yourself is a necessity. Think of yourself as a great product — you may be amazing, but if you don’t advertise to the right crowd, no one will know.

Far too often, employees leave it up their direct supervisor to take note of exceptional work and pass it up the ladder. Your boss, however, has a lot on his/her plate, with many employees to manage, and simply cannot see everything that happens in the department day-to-day. It is your responsibility not to brag on your every achievement, but to keep your boss in the loop.

Take a Personal Inventory. 

Before you can actively promote yourself at work, you need to take an inventory of what things you do best. Do you excel at paying invoices on time? Have you developed new training methods or procedures? Are you a master deadline beater? Are you the go-to person for problems at work? Make a list of your strengths and then pair them with the successful projects you have completed. How did your individual skills help create that success?

Be a Social Media Industry Expert

You are probably on LinkedIn and some other social media sites already. Take the time to do more than just create a profile. Post blogs about your profession and share your insights. Welcome connections from other people in your field. Don’t just read their posts; comment on them and start dialogues. Then, create your own posts and add your name to the field. If you consistently pop up on other people’s screens as a resource of information in your field, you will quickly brand yourself as an industry expert.

Expand your knowledge Base

If you find yourself with downtime, volunteer your assistance with other departments within the organization. As you provide help in other areas, you become a resource throughout the company and build a name for yourself outside of your own department. The bonus? You learn new skills, adding even more to your resume.

Talk With Co-workers

Casual office conversation comprises a large percentage of the communication you have at work every day. Don’t miss an opportunity to discuss your current project. Make sure to focus on the project and your role on the team. Show your enthusiasm for it, and discuss its potential. These little conversations serve to build a positive reputation for you throughout the office.

Learning to promote yourself at work comes much more naturally to some people than others, and that’s okay. When you learn to change the way you think about self-promoting, you’ll learn that it’s not as hard as you think. If all else fails, look at someone you admire in your office and pay attention to how they do it. Just like the skills you learned in school that trained you to be good at your job, the skill of self-promotion is essential for being successful in your career.

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