There is Always a Silver Lining

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

May 19, 2020

As our world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are constantly bombarded with bad news.  There is constant updates by the news outlets, social media and local officials with the latest statistics. It’s hard to think about anything other than the quarantine and the consequences this will have on the global economy, but there is always a silver lining.  

I have always been one of those people who see the good in every situation, and it seems that I am not alone. Here are a few silver linings I have observed during the pandemic.



With so many restaurants affected by state closures, the local communities have banded together to order take-out meals to help keep their local eateries afloat.  Whether it’s a direct take-out order or buying gift cards to use at a later time, communities are doing their part to help keep local restaurants open. Hoping that any sales will hold them over until the pandemic is lifted. Speaking of take-out, many communities are taking meals to nursing homes and elderly family members who are at high risk of exposure. Bringing a little smile and “I care” to their day.  

Another great community outreach has been with grocery shopping.  As everyone knows, the weeks prior have been crazy! We are told to stay at home, but people need groceries and necessities to make it through the coming weeks. With everyone panicking, the store shelves have been hit pretty hard and have been empty for high demand items. It has only been a few days that the shelves are starting to fill up again.  Many communities have implemented “Senior Shopping Hours” to help our senior’s obtain badly needed supplies while helping reduce their exposure.  Many stores have even added at home delivery as an option.



What’s the quote, you adapt or die? Many companies have adjusted their production facilities to keep up with PPE demand.  They are refitting their production plants, textile facilities and plastic manufacturers to produce much needed equipment for first responders.  The response has been so overwhelming, it’s impossible to list them all.  The silver lining…could you imagine the stats if they didn’t respond. Enough said.



The pandemic has brought a few forgotten heroes back to the forefront. Our healthcare workers, police and first responders are getting the recognition they truly deserve all year long. They put their lives on the line, and put their personal lives on hold to care for others. Having the community band together to make badly needed masks and gowns is a GREAT silver lining.  Some restaurants are giving free meals to first responders or sending catering packages to hospitals for those who can’t get away. Showing our first responders in the only way we can….We are here for you too!     

Another group of unsung heroes are our front-line employees. These are our retail clerks, restaurant workers, industrial workers and CDL drivers.  With the state mandates of shelter-in-place, these are the front-line workers who are deemed “essential” during the shut-down.  They report to work every day, putting their lives in risk of exposure. Businesses have put procedures in place for social distancing and protective PPE for their employees and guests having to brave the pandemic for supplies. They know they rely on their workers to keep the community thriving. When this is all over, be sure to let these workers know how much you appreciate their sacrifice. Be sure to have patience if your order is wrong, leave a bigger tip, and say “Thank You”.



Unlike pandemics of the past, we live in a technological age where connecting to each other is easier than ever! With the shelter-in-place order, we are forced into a virtual world of connectivity. Sure, most people connected on social media, but with video conferencing, we now experience a whole new level of virtual connectivity. Schools have moved to online classes, companies use video conferencing instead of meetings, even Hollywood has jumped on the video bandwidth with virtual talks shows. The silver lining? No matter the circumstance, you can’t keep people from connecting to each other. 



I saved this one for last, even though to me, I think this has been the greatest silver lining in this whole crazy thing! We live in a time where both parents work full-time, kids go off to school and we only see the family for a few hours at night (if we are lucky).  After homework, bath, dinner…who has time to really connect! BAM! COVID-19 has forced us back to the family unit.  

Parents are connecting with their kids on every level. From becoming their teacher, to playmate, to mentor and parent. Sure, many parents are working from home, but the connection is different.  No phone calls fighting over the last cheese puff. Parents can react and respond immediately, on a personal level.  No more long lunch hours sitting at the desk, parents and kids can have a picnic lunch in the back yard.  

Once the pandemic is over, what will be the new norm?  Will we go back to life as usual, or will we learn from the pandemic and make those silver linings a part of our daily lives.


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