When to Hire a Private Security Officer

Short-term and Long-term Solutions

Dec 10, 2019

Security Officers provide more services than you might think. From vehicle patrols at a local shopping mall, screening out unauthorized personnel in a high-rise building, and preventing theft at a small business, to access control at a large manufacturing facility or roving patrol on a construction site, trained Security Officers provide safety and support in a variety of industries and settings.  Below are just a few of the services a security provider can offer:  

  • Access and entry control for manufacturing plants.
  • Theft prevention in your small business.
  • Crowd control for large events such as festivals or concerts.
  • Physical uniformed presence to deter crime at social or business gatherings.
  • Ongoing security presence at an apartment building or paid parking lot.
  • Evening escort for guests or employees walking to cars.
  • Event security for concerts, sporting events, or conventions.
  • Patrols for construction areas and large manufacturing sites.  

Private security companies charge based on the hourly rate of the Security Officer assigned to a site or event. In the case of vehicle patrols, there may be additional fees to account for fuel and business overhead. Rates vary based on whether the Security Officers are armed, how risky the particular job is, and what type of field experience the Officer has. Private security companies can provide short-term assignments for events, as well as long-term contracts such as TWIC and MARSEC facilities.  


Event security can be anything from checking names at the door of your high school reunion to a uniformed presence at a local fundraising auction.  In some instances, like large events, the client will request Security Officers wear marked t-shirts or polos. In either case, the presence of a uniformed Security Officer at an event can serve as a deterrent before problems even start.  

Private security companies provide quotes for part-time event security services based on the type of event, size of venue, number of hours and number of officers needed, as well as what their duties will be at the event. In addition, a good private security company, like Lofton Security Service, provides specific training to their officers on Crowd Management, Recognizing Dangerous Substances/Devices, and Conflict Resolution.  


Some retail businesses hire private Security Officers to provide greater security for employees and customers, protecting them against theft and vandalism. You may only need a Security Officer for a one-time event or during high traffic season. Or, you may need round-the-clock patrol coverage for a large retail center. Private security companies can provide a quote for both short-term and long-term needs. In addition, a good private security company, like Lofton Security Service, provides specific training to their officers on Public Building Security, Customer Service training, and Active Shooter training.  


Some homeowners' associations maintain a Security Officer for their property.  Officers could be used to man a front gate and check the credentials of residents and guests upon entry, or to patrol the neighborhood/property on foot or in a roving vehicle. Roving patrol is also helpful for construction sites or similar places that could be vandalized or robbed during the night. Private security companies, like Lofton Security Service, can provide a quote for both fixed posts and roving patrols.  


Every manufacturer, regardless of size or product, shares some common key challenges. These challenges include:  safe arrival of parts and raw materials, verifying contractors and deliveries, securing manufacturing processes, protecting against theft and accidents, and ensuring reliable delivery of finished goods. A Security Officer’s access control role is vital in safeguarding security and safety protocols.  

Safety is the result of careful attention to all operations by those who are directly and indirectly involved.   Since many facilities require MARSEC, TWIC and CFATS guidelines, a good private security company, like Lofton Security Service, ensures their Officers are trained and are compliant with all federal, state and local regulations.


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