Workplace Violence Prevention: The Employee Perspective

Be safe. Be smart

May 29, 2018

In a previous post, we discussed a company’s responsibility to keep employees safe from workplace violence. This post explains how employees can spot, and report, impending and real-time dangers at the office.

Although the company has a responsibility to protect its staff, as an employee you too need to share the responsibility to protect yourself and your co-workers against workplace violence.

What is Workplace Violence?

To reiterate from an earlier post, the FBI defines workplace violence as “actions or words that endanger or harm another employee or result in other employees having a reasonable belief they are in danger.”

Be Safe, Be Smart, Play Your Part

It’s unfortunate that any type of work environment is susceptible to violent actions, and threats.  Many of these acts, however, can be avoided if you play an active role to stop malicious behavior directed at you or your colleagues. There are a few preventative steps you can take NOW for your safety.

  • Learn your company’s policy regarding workplace violence, and all reporting procedures that are in place.
  • If you can avoid it, do not travel alone to unknown locations.
  • If you have to work late, find someone to walk you to your car.
  • Do not carry more money than you need, and separate items that will be a nuisance to replace like your driver’s license or credit cards.
  • Avoid confrontations at all times, and immediately report any such events to management.
  • If you are experiencing a violent situation at home, and fear for your safety at work, inform management so security measures can be put into place and enforced if necessary.

Learn the Signs to Look For - Listen to Your Gut Feeling

If you suspect that a co-worker may be a potential threat, report it immediately. A few of the signs to look for are below. Quickly notify your supervisor about any of the following:

Report, Report, Report!

  • If you or a co-worker are physically, or verbally assaulted while at work.
  • If a co-worker threatens to cause bodily harm to you or another person.
  • If you or another person is being bullied – including verbally.
  • If an employee is shouting, throwing objects, slamming doors, or punching walls.

In summary, one thing you cannot take for granted is your safety. You cannot “turn the other cheek” when you or another person is experiencing threats or violent actions. Also, keep in mind that OSHA has laws in place that require all employers to have safety measures and procedures in place; learn what steps and procedures your employer has implemented. Regardless of who is being bullied, threatened, or assaulted, you must immediately report it to your supervisor; it can potentially save lives.

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