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One-stop resource for staffing in every category
Lofton can deliver the right people with the exact skills you need. From entry-level clerical employees to senior-level professionals, we offer qualified personnel in a variety of categories, including:
"Any time I have had a need to contact Lofton for either a new temp or replacing a temp, the staff has been prompt to handle my request."  - Alma D., Cemex

Allow us to do the work for you. Lofton Staffing brings two good parties together – a skilled employee and a strong employer – to form an unbeatable team. Lofton Staffing handles all the recruiting, skill testing and custom matching to find that perfect employee. Temp-to-hire services allow the employer and employee the opportuntiy to achieve results while testing how the employee fits with the company.

Direct hire

A great alternative to traditional temp-to-hire employment, direct-hire placements offer outstanding permanent employees, hired directly on your payroll. Lofton serves as your primary recruiting, skill testing and custom matching tool to find the right employee for your organization.

Temporary Staffing

At Lofton, we can provide any type of employee, industrial or clerical, and tailor temporary staffing services to your organization's needs. Operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can reach us anytime you need a temporary employee.  Whether you need semi-skilled industrial personnel, clerical personnel or skilled industrial personnel, we can find the right fit for your!   We staff volume accounts as well as one-person requirements.  We can do that.

Personnel Payroll Plan

There may be times that you may want to locate and interview the people you require, or you already know who they are – but you may want or need to avoid hiring permanent employees. Lofton's Personnel Payroll Plan provides a practical solution for this situation. You simply coordinate your selection process with us and Lofton becomes the hiring entity and the employer. Our Personnel Payroll Plan can also be a no-risk element integrated into your hiring process. By using an unproven candidate as an employee on our payroll for their trial period, you can evaluate their skills and protect your unemployment insurance experience rating by eliminating the hire-fire cycle. This cost-saving human-resource option is becoming increasingly popular with companies for: Special Projects, Turnarounds & Mandated Downsizing.

Lofton takes care of all employer obligations.

Since the personnel placed at your location are Lofton employees (with the exception of Direct hire),  Lofton takes charge of all employer responsibilities, including:

  • Employee hourly wage
  • Employee payroll taxes
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment & unemployment taxes
  • Cost of payroll check processing
  • Administrative costs
  • Recruit, evaluate, screen and monitor employees
  • Generation and distribution of W2 forms
  • Employers social security contributions
  • Liability Insurance
  • Filling of any and all government reports
  • Maintain all personnel records for employees
To minimize your involvement with our employees and maximize productivity, Lofton establishes at the outset what our employees need to know to perform optimally at your company.  Then, before the assignment begins, Lofton orients each employee with pertinent information such as where to report, dress code, lunch hour and location logistics.
"The employees with Lofton Staffing are very helpful and understand the needs of the city when filling a temporary position.  I continue to deal with Lofton because of competitive pricing, good service, and the ongoing efforts of the staff."  - Leslie M., City of Covington

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