Best Ways to Rehydrate Quickly

From: Mary Dixon, Benefits Coordinator

Jul 20, 2021

It’s important to rehydrate after any activity that causes heavy sweating, such as an intense workout or hot yoga class. Rehydrating is also crucial for preventing the damaging effects of dehydration which can be caused by the stomach flu or a night of drinking. Read on for the signs and symptoms of dehydration and the best ways to rehydrate quickly at home.



While it likely comes as no surprise, drinking water is most often the best and cheapest way to rehydrate and stay hydrated. Unlike many other beverages, water contains no added sugars or calories, making it ideal to drink throughout the day or specifically when you need to rehydrate.



Coffee and tea contain the stimulant caffeine, which can be transiently dehydrating in excess amounts, since it acts as a diuretic. However, drinking coffee and tea in moderate amounts can be as hydrating as drinking water, as well as serving as an energizing alternative.  

Caffeine becomes dehydrating only in doses around 250–300 mg, the equivalent of two to three 8-ounce cups of coffee, or five to eight 8-ounce cups of tea.



In addition to supplying a host of nutrients, milk has excellent hydrating properties. Milk naturally contains high concentrations of electrolytes, which help balance the amount of water in your body.  

Research has shown that skim and low-fat milk rehydrate you as well as popular sports drinks after intense exercise, all while providing protein and other important nutrients. The high-quality protein in milk also makes it an ideal post-exercise beverage for kick-starting muscle repair and the rebuilding process.



Comprising 80–99% water, fruits and vegetables make for a perfect hydrating snack. For comparison, highly processed foods like cookies, crackers, cereals, and chips contain only 1–9% water.  

Some fruits and vegetables that contain the highest water content are berries, melons, oranges, grapes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, and spinach.



Oral hydration solutions are specialized formulas used to prevent and treat dehydration caused by diarrhea or vomiting. These solutions are water-based and commonly contain electrolytes like sodium, chloride and potassium. These solutions also contain sugar, typically in the form of dextrose.



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