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By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

Jan 18, 2022

It’s 2022. With everything we have been through in 2020 and 2021, we all need a fresh start. Whether it’s the start of a new diet, the start of a new project, or the start of returning to work, this is the time of year for change.  This year, instead of starting that new diet, start the journey of making the world a better place - one kindness at a time.  Below are a few easy things we can all do to make this world a little brighter.



Sounds too simple, right? Yes, it is. Compliments can go a long way to make a positive impact on someone else’s day. You never know what is happening in somebody’s life. Tell them how much you like their haircut, outfit, smile, eyes, singing voice, etc., and you’ll see instantly what I mean.  

There is a local store I like to visit.  The man behind the counter tells every woman how beautiful her “smile, eyes, hair” is.  I know he does it to be nice, and I know he says it to everyone, but it still makes me feel good when he says it.    



Pick up an extra candy bar, smoothie, or coffee and give it to someone for no good reason.  It tells them that you were thinking of them and wanted to do something nice for them.  It’s amazing what one small act can do.   

A few years ago, I came to work and there was a special gift on my desk. Someone had bought a Star Wars ornament and left it on my desk. Someone knew I LOVE Star Wars and bought it for me. I put it on my tree every year and it always brings a smile on my face. It’s nice to be remembered. 



We have all seen the stories on social media of the person who left a substantial tip. While this is AMAZING, most people can’t leave that type of tip.  If you can, however, when a server has done an exceptional job, let them know by leaving a larger tip of 25% or more.  It will not only put extra money in their pocket, but it also tells them their service is appreciated.



It is one thing to leave a tip, but it’s another thing entirely to contact the manager and tell him or her directly what a great job their employee has done.  I have done this several times and it’s funny how the manager is expecting a complaint, not a compliment. It seems to brighten their day, as well.



Yes it’s old fashion, but it still sends a message of kindness and respect. Do this as often as you can.



Bake an extra batch of cookies or brownies, and give it to someone for no reason. When we make homemade Mac & Cheese, we make an extra batch for my neighbor. He LOVES it! Not only does it taste great, but it shows him that we are thinking of him.    



While it’s true everyone gets rushed, the simple gesture of letting a car in ahead of you in traffic can go a long way to ease the tension. 



Greeting someone with a smile is another simple thing to do, but this gesture has the greatest impact.  It’s amazing how a simple “Good morning” with a smile to a stranger can lift their spirits.   

I ran into a young man this morning coming out of the store while he was rushing in.  You could tell he was distracted, frustrated and rushed.  As I opened the door for him (another good gesture), I looked him in the eye and with a big smile said, “Good Morning!”  As he looked up you could see he was coming out of that daze, and said “Good Morning” back to me. Instantly he had the biggest smile. Whatever had him frustrated melted in that moment.  We all need that.



Did someone let you in line before them? Open the door for you?  Tell them “Thank You.” One kindness deserves another and good manners are, after all, completely free of charge.



There are a million small chores/tasks that can make enormous impacts. It might be something as simple as returning the grocery basket back to the corral; helping someone grab an item off the top shelf; carrying a heavy object for someone; helping someone change a tire; etc. The list is endless.  

My neighbor broke his leg a few years back and had a hard time taking out his trash.  Although we couldn’t see him take the can to the street, my kids would run over first thing the next morning to bring his can back to the house. They would actually race each other to be the one to do it! We never told him who helped him, and it didn’t matter.  He knew someone cared enough to help him.  Every small act counts!


In this New Year, look for new and better ways to make the world a better, happier, more pleasant place to live for everyone.  If we all did just one thing every day, we could really make a positive difference.


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