Career Keys – Part I

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

Mar 8, 2022

Finding a job can be a challenging task.  It is important to be prepared for the entire job-seeking process, from job searches, to networking, to research and the dreaded interview.  Lofton Staffing Services is here to guide you through it all.  Whether your background is in heavy industrial, office clerical, or you are looking to take the next step in your career to executive management, Lofton Staffing has the experience, capability and know-how to help.

Here are some tips and tools aimed at guiding you through the challenges of the job search:



The job market is directly related to the unemployment rate, and it can grow or shrink depending on the labor demand and supply within the overall economy, specific industries, for specific education levels or specific job functions. The higher the unemployment rate, the greater the supply of labor in the job market, and the more selective employers can be when searching through applicants. As the unemployment rate drops, employers are forced to compete more aggressively for available workers, whether actively or passively.

So how do you stand apart from the rest of the applicants applying for the same position?  Use these tips to help stand apart to land that job!



What should job seekers do to increase their chances of getting employed?

  • Stay Active.  It takes a minimum of 40 job-search hours a week to get a job. Research has shown that many unemployed people spend less than 10 hours a week.
  • Stay Connected.  It takes several contacts to get hired. It is a multi-step and proactive process. People get jobs by talking to people.  Keep in touch and improve your verbal and written communication skills.
  • Stay Focused. You should be working on at least five leads at all times. Don’t be discouraged by the voices in your head saying you cannot do it.
  • Stay Positive. Don’t dwell on the rough spots, slow responses, etc. Your next job is just around the corner.



Where do you start when it’s time to look for a new job?  The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest using multiple search methods to find jobs faster. 

INTERNET. Search the online job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster, Lofton Staffing Services, etc.  These sites have endless job listings with job descriptions, salary, location, etc.  In addition to searching these sites, you can post your resume for active searches by recruiters.

NETWORKING.  Consider talking to people you know.  Ask a friend, relative, teacher, or people in your organizational groups if they know of any job vacancies.  Let them know you are job hunting and the type of work you are seeking. Don’t forget those Social Media contacts!

STAFFING FIRMS.  Staffing firms become your advocate and "represent you" with their clients in finding employment.  A good staffing firm, like Lofton Staffing Services, will get your resume and set up an interview to talk about your skills, your goals, and the job for which you are applying. Resumes don't always do a candidate justice.

CAREER SERVICESCollege career services help students transition into the workforce.  Many businesses reach out to college placements for new hires or internships.

JOB FAIRS.  Whether hosted by a school or community, job fairs are a great place to meet different businesses under one roof.  In addition, it gives you the opportunity to speak face-to-face vs. a blind resume.  First impressions count!

APPLY DIRECTLY.  Select specific employers that interest you.  Search their company website for any job openings and apply directly.  If no openings are posted, you can send a resume with a cover letter to the Human Resource department.  Follow up! If you do not receive any word from the company, call or send an email. Stay professional.


Stay tuned for our next installment of Career Keys.  To get a FREE copy of Lofton’s Career Keys: The Keys to a Successful Job Search brochure, email with your name and address.


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