Career Keys – Part II

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing and Recruiting

Mar 15, 2022

Finding a job can be the most challenging undertaking anyone can experience.  In most cases, presenting your resume is the first step with any potential employer.  The following are tips on building a stand-out resume.

A resume is a written summary of your past work experience, skills, certifications and accomplishments.  It’s a representation of your work experience that you can bring to a potential employer so they see what you would bring to their company.   Since this is usually your first step with the recruiter, if your resume does not have the information required, you will probably not get a call for an interview.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT FORMAT.  Depending on whether you are a recent graduate, seasoned professional or degreed professional, your resume outline should reflect your experience.  There are plenty of free resume samples to fit your particular background and experience.  Go to these websites to download the best fit for you: (click templates)

TIP: When using a template, be sure to change or delete any pre-filled fields.  Having [Job Title] [Company Name], [Job description] left on your resume could cost you an interview. 


CONTACT INFORMATION.  Include your full name, address, phone number and email address across the top of each page.  Be sure to provide a working telephone number where you can be reached or a voice message can be left.  If you change your number for any reason, be sure to update your resume and resend to the employer.  Nothing turns off recruiters more than a non-working phone number.

TIP: Be sure to use a professional email address.  Emails like are fine for friends, but not when corresponding with potential employers.  Use: 


OBJECTIVENot necessary - omit it! The objective statement used to be crucial for identifying the position of interest and linking your resume to that specific job opening.  However, most resumes are now submitted either on-line or by email to specific positions, so this is no longer required. Instead, replace it with a Professional Summary.


PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY.  A brief statement of your overall skills, abilities, and accomplishments. Customize the summary to the job you are seeking.  This section is especially helpful for seasoned professionals.  Use this section as a mini-cover letter and hit those highlights!  Example

Detail-oriented professional with extensive experience in retail management.  Proven ability to direct complex projects from concept to operational status. Proven leadership and operations in retail annual sales of $4.2M.  Reinforced best practice skills and a proven ability to work in unison between team members and corporate leadership to accomplish annual goals.

Over 20 years’ experience in performing a variety of executive administrative and staff support duties, including a comprehensive background in Insurance, Industrial Construction and Office Management.



  • Use standard 8.5” x 11” white, ivory or light colored paper.  Most resumes are sent via email or fax - so you want it to be as clear as possible.
  • Use a standard font such as Times Roman, Ariel or Calibri.  DO NOT use fancy or loopy fonts.
  • The font should be 10 - 12 points. No smaller than 10 pt. 
  • Bold headings, categories.  DO NOT underline.
  • Top margin should be no smaller than .75; all other margins no smaller than .50.
  • Keep it simple, clean, and organized.
  • Avoid graphics or pictures. (unless you are a graphic designer, model or actor)
  • Showcase your accomplishments and show results!
  • Proofread and spell check. 
  • Have someone else read your resume and tell you what you have done.  It’s a good way to see if you missed something.


Stay tuned for our next installment of Career Keys.  To get a FREE copy of Lofton’s Career Keys: The Keys to a Successful Job Search brochure, email with your name and address.


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