Decorating Safety Tips

By: Jeremy Olivier, Lofton Safety Services

Dec 6, 2022

It's December and you know what that means...putting up decorations for the Holiday Season. The more zealous among us may have started much earlier. If you haven’t, here are some safe practices to keep in mind when decorating:

Check your various lights and decorations before you hang or set them up. Finding and replacing burnt bulbs is much easier when the strings are stretched out in the yard than while hanging. Inflatables have become very popular recently. Servicing and testing blower motors before setup will save the headache of takedown in the event of a motor failure. Inspect all electrical wiring for damage that may expose the conductors inside. If found, repair or remove them from service.

The use of a ladder is almost a given for any decorator. Do not use ladders that are damaged. A-frame ladders should be locked open when in use; they are not designed to lean against walls. Never stand on top of the ladder. The rung right below is the highest point of the ladder designed to support standing. Some operations may require use of an extension ladder and these are designed to lean against surfaces. Always make sure that whatever wall, tree or other surface the ladder is leaned on is solid and stable. Use the 4-to-1 rule to prevent ladder slippage. It is easy to remember: For every 4 feet the ladder goes up, the base should be no more than 1 foot from the surface it rests upon. If using the ladder to access a roof, ensure the ladder is long enough to extend 3 feet beyond the roof.

Lastly, let’s discuss electrical safety. Do not overload outlets. Having too many lights on one breaker can overload it and potentially lead to fires. If you have a large amount of lights, divide the load among several outlets that are on different breakers. Ensure outdoor outlets are GFCI to prevent fire hazards via exposure to the elements. Turn off all lights and motors during the day, in severe weather, or when you are away from home. This will reduce the risk of hazards during times when the decorations cannot be fully enjoyed anyway.


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