Dirty Jobs

Making a Living at Something Different

Jan 21, 2020

Not all jobs take place in a comfortable, air-conditioned office.  Some jobs are in hot/cold environments, outside in the elements, or in uncomfortable, confined spaces.  Does that make these jobs less valuable than an office job?  Of course not!  But ask many young students what their “dream job” is, and those industrial positions may not even make it on the list. Why is that?  

If you have ever watched Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel, you have seen the host, Mike Rowe, in a variety of different jobs that, quite frankly, are dirty! These skilled labor positions may look grubby, but if you enjoy what you do…who cares!  “You might never be appreciated as much as you should be, even if you’re saving lives.” Rowe explains, “Septic tank cleaners know that society goes off the rails without them. But, they also know people don’t think twice about their work. That can either make you angry or bitter, or it can make you bemused or philosophical.”  

Every person needs to understand their contribution to the company in order to feel appreciated.  You have a unique talent, a special skill set, and no matter what the job is, you are serving a purpose in it. Whether it’s running a forklift in a warehouse, hydro-blasting tankers, laying/blasting home insulation, etc., it’s up to you to understand your contribution, even when you feel unrecognized.  

“The real secret of success is that there is no secret,” Rowe says, “It’s all been said. But the people who truly embrace it and take responsibility for their actions and take responsibility for their performance are the ones who get the opportunities and are the ones who will succeed.”  

The bonus to these dirty jobs is that it teaches a viable skill.  Not everyone can jump on a forklift at their local hardware store to move a load.  Not everyone can lay a foundation to support a structure.  Not everyone can drive a box truck that holds a load of 20,000 lbs.  Although these jobs may get a “dirty” stigma, they are not in any fashion a lesser job.  

Staffing providers, like Lofton Staffing Services, give people the opportunity to work assignments in several “dirty jobs,” giving candidates the opportunity to learn a skill and gain viable work experience.  So next time you get a call from your recruiter, take a chance on a dirty job and learn something new!


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