Holiday Travel Safety

By: Jeremy Olivier, Lofton Safety Services

Nov 15, 2022

This month ushers in the beginning of the holiday season which inevitably leads to increased travelling. Many will choose to fly, but many still will opt to drive to their chosen destination. I’d like to share some safety tips for those deciding to brave the road.


Preparation is key to ensuring travel is as worry-free as possible. Make your arrangements as early as possible so that you have plenty of time to deal with any changes that may present themselves. Plan your route in advance. Identify convenient spots for stops to refuel, rest, eat, etc. If you are traveling long distances, it is a good idea to define “checkpoints” along the way and contact someone at the destination when you reach these. This will let them know that you are alright and keep them abreast of your progress on the road.


It is also important to make sure that your vehicle is prepared prior to making the trip. Change oil and other fluids, if necessary. Top off any low fluids. Check tires for wear and proper inflation. Inspect all lights, including hazard lights. If your vehicle is equipped with a spare tire, verify it is in good condition as well. While you’re at it, locate the jack, because those are often removed and misplaced. An electric air pump and road flares are great to have in the event you need to change a tire on the side of a road. If you are travelling to a colder region of the country be wary of severe winter weather possibilities. All wheel drive vehicles tend to perform better in those environments. Consider renting one if your vehicle is not thus equipped. Tire chains may be a necessity so have a plan to acquire those. It is always a good idea to have at least a little water, a few snacks, and blankets available for the possibility that you get stranded roadside.


Make sure you get adequate sleep before your journey. When you do get on the road, drive defensively, and make extra effort to look out for other drivers. The holidays, while joyous, are a time of high anxiety for most. Many who have failed to plan properly are behind schedule and eager to make up lost time.


Emotions can also be high and tempers short. These can lead to people making more aggressive moves or unsafe choices while on the road. Do your best to distance yourself from or let these aggressive drivers by. Drive at a safe, consistent speed. Even on long trips, the small amount of time speeding will save you does not outweigh the increased risk.


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