Life Lessons from Santa

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

Dec 21, 2021

There is something special about this time of year. It’s a time of giving, receiving and good will. It’s a time for patience, joy, love, peace and generosity. Why does it seem that this spirit only happens once a year? Wouldn’t it be nice to operate with a generous heart in all that we do? Well, Santa has good life lessons that we can all live by…all year long.



Have you been good all year? Santa checks his list and checks it twice to see who’s been naughty or nice. He rewards those who are good and kind to others, reminding us that making the effort to share kindness, compassion and generosity always leads to a happier life.



There is no application to participate in Christmas. Santa delivers presents to all good boys and girls in every region, in every country around the world every Christmas Eve, regardless of their origin.  In his eyes, we are all equal and worthy of love and good tidings.



How many of us have over-spent on Christmas gifts? Santa knows the most important thing about a gift is the love and feeling behind it, not the price tag. One year, I made ornaments with my in-laws picture (they had passed) and it was the BEST present we could have given my family. It’s not the cost of the gift, but the thought behind it.  Sometimes the simplest gift can be the greatest gift when given with love.



Santa is surrounded by a collaborating team that takes a HUGE insurmountable task and turns it into an accomplishment. This is no ordinary team. The logistics alone would drive any company to the brink! But the relationship between Santa (Management) and the Elves (Staff) is a relationship of mutual respect, and they work together for one goal. The best companies work together as a collaborative, open-communication workplace. They are #bettertogether.



Although you can’t see Santa, you can feel his presence in the air this time of year. He teaches us to believe in something you can’t see or touch – to believe in something greater than ourselves. You may not see him, but you have Faith that he is there.



Delivering presents around the world in one night is a stressful job, but Santa does it with a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye and a jolly “Ho, Ho, Ho.” Seeing the joy in his job is what makes him happy, not the physical labor. Santa knows how to Have Fun and Be Better.



Santa is the perfect example of finding joy in your work! He spends all year preparing for one night, without pay. The only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do. If you have passion for your occupation…GREAT! If you don’t, find a job that makes you happy.  



Santa knows it’s better to give than to receive. No matter how much or how little, you have the power to touch the life of another person through time, attention, a simple task, or a gift. Giving can make a difference in someone else’s life…as well as your own. When we help others, we in turn, help ourselves.


If we all kept Santa’s spirit all year long, what a world we would live in!


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When we help others, we help ourselves.
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