Office Christmas Parties

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

Dec 14, 2021

One of the highlights of the working year is the annual office Christmas party. I know it is one of my favorite events at Lofton. It’s a time to socialize and have fun with co-workers, superiors, and owners, but making a fool of yourself is something to avoid at all costs. Below are some suggestions to keep the party professional, but still have fun.



Although not a requirement of your job, you will be noticed if you don’t attend.  Arrive on time and be sure to stay until an appropriate time. You don’t have to close the place down. If you cannot attend, be sure to inform management beforehand. Some parties are catered, so they would need to get a good head count.



Find out what everyone else is wearing before the party and match the tone with your outfit. Be careful! Revealing clothing, while fun, is not appropriate around your superiors.



The Christmas party is an excellent opportunity to cement relationships and to get known in a good way.  This may be the only time you see the executives in person. Introduce yourself, talk to your co-workers, their spouses and bosses. Don’t just talk about work’s a party!  Talk about things outside work, like movies, football, family, etc.



Keep in mind this is still a work function and that everything observed has the potential to be turned into judgment on your professionalism.  Be aware of your limits.  The more drinks you have, the more likely you are to do something you’ll regret. If the festivities get away with you, be sure to arrange a safe way to return home. NEVER drink and drive.



This goes along with the previous.  Avoid using alcohol or the fact that it’s a party to let out pent-up resentment and frustration about your job, co-workers, or bosses. Don’t engage in office gossip or rumors. Have feelings for a co-worker? This may not be the time to declare that.  Bear in mind the potential for claims of sexual harassment. Listen to that conscience on your shoulder, if you think it may be misunderstood, don’t do it.



Avoid posting negative comments to social media about how "lame" the party was, or how much the food "sucked”, or how “cheap” the facility looked. Also, do not post photos of your co-workers taking shots or engaging in other inappropriate behavior. With that said, posting pics is a good way to solidify those workplace relationships – so go nuts!



If you see a co-worker overdoing the drinking, making inappropriate moves or saying something that could land them in hot water, step in and help them out.  Explain to them what they are doing and how it appears to other people.  They may not thank you now, but they will later. And please, don’t forget to thank the host/hostess for the party.


Have fun and have a very Merry Christmas!


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