Preparing For Storm Season

By: Steve Ham, Lofton Safety Services

Jul 6, 2021

With life slowly getting back to normal, it’s hard to think about another potential disaster. However, hurricane season is upon us, running from June 1st to November 30th, so it’s time to get prepared. While hurricanes pose the greatest threat to life and property, tropical storms and depressions can also be devastating, causing flooding from heavy rains. Severe weather, such as tornadoes, can cause extensive damage and loss of life. The primary hazards are storm surge flooding, inland flooding from heavy rains, destructive winds, tornadoes, and high surf and rip currents.  

Storm surge can travel several miles inland, especially along bays, rivers, and estuaries. Flooding from heavy rains is the second leading cause of fatalities from landfalling tropical cyclones. Widespread torrential rains associated with these storms can often cause flooding hundreds of miles inland, which can persist for several days after a storm has dissipated.  

Now is the time to check your supplies from the pandemic to add those essential items you may need due to a hurricane. Here are a few things to help prepare for a possible hurricane:  

  • Prepare the interior of your home.
  • Prepare the exterior of your home.
  • Bring in light-weight objects, such as garbage cans, garden tools, toys, and lawn furniture.
  • Bring pets inside.
  • If you have a trampoline, turn over (tarp facing the ground) and secure it with deep stakes.
  • Avoid low-lying areas.
  • Prepare a supply kit, including batteries, candles, flashlights, first aid kit, portable radio, non-perishable food, and several days’ water supply since power may be affected.
  • Pick-up or refill prescription medications.
  • Have plenty of cash on hand.
  • Plan an evacuation route in advance and have an alternate place to go if told local shelters are not available.
  • Ensure everyone in the household has a facemask in case you need to relocate or evacuate.
  • Re-fuel all vehicles.  

After the hurricane or tropical storm is over, keep listening to the radio or television for instructions. No one knows where the next hurricane may form or hit, but being prepared is a good defense.  

To stay prepared, you can log onto the National Hurricane Center’s website at and download the Tropical Cyclone Preparedness Guide. 


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