Reflecting on 2021

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

Jan 4, 2022

Ah, a new year! The perfect time for a start fresh. We typically make new plans and say “This is the year I will [insert resolution here].  We tend to think, “This year will be better.” We focus on what was so bad last year, and think “I want it to be different next year.” I do this, as well.  So, instead of focusing on what was so terrible in 2021 (COVID, COVID, COVID), look back on those good things that you may have forgotten.


  • Did you get a new contract for your company?
  • Did you get a big raise?
  • Did the kids get straight-A’s despite being on-line?
  • Did you lose weight from that resolution the year before?
  • Did you start a new hobby?
  • Did you spend more time with the kids during home school?
  • Did you go on a trip?
  • Did you visit a new place you have never been?
  • Did you celebrate a milestone? A big birthday, anniversary, or graduation?
  • Did you reconnect with an old friend or colleague?
  • Did you binge watch that popular show EVERYONE was talking about?
  • Did you read a good book?
  • Did you re-organize your home, vehicle or work space?
  • Did you get a new pet or rescue an animal?
  • Did you have any firsts? First job. First drive. First kiss. First steps. First word.
  • Did you take on any new responsibilities? At home or at work?
  • Did someone in your family or someone you know recover from an illness?
  • Did you donate food, items or money to someone in need?
  • Did you do something that surprised yourself? Something you accomplished that you thought you would never do?
  • Did you or someone you know get married?
  • Did you or someone you know have a baby?
  • Did you teach someone a new skill? Ride a bike? Change a tire? Sing A, B, C’s?
  • Did you meet someone new who became a friend?
  • Did you laugh so hard at something you cried?


It’s easy to forget to give thanks for the positive experiences we had in the past year. When we practice gratitude for the good stuff instead of focusing on the bad, our lives become simpler and happier. Happy New Year and don’t forget to celebrate those good things that happen throughout the year.


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