Refueling Safety

From: Jeremy Olivier, Lofton Safety Services

May 31, 2022

Spring is in the air, and with its arrival comes more time spent working in the yard.  All internal combustion engines run on some type of fuel, and that includes lawn mowers, blowers and even some trimmers.  Here are a few safety tips for refueling your equipment this spring:

First, before dispensing any flammable liquid, be sure the area is well ventilated.  Also, flammable liquids form vapors that can easily catch fire or explode, so remember the golden rule: Never Smoke around Flammable Liquids. Put all smoking materials out well in advance of any refueling.

The second rule to remember is to let that small engine cool off before you start refueling. This is hard to do because the engine always seems to run out of fuel in the middle of what you are trying to get done, but a hot engine and flammables may cause a flash fire or explosion. A few minutes to let the engine cool down could prevent serious injury or even a fatality.

When dispensing flammable liquids, make sure to use only approved storage containers. Never use glass bottles or plastic milk jugs - they are not approved. The container should have a self-closing lid and a label describing the contents. When dispensing from large storage tanks or at a fuel pump, the same safety rules apply. Shut the motor off prior to filling the fuel tank or container.

Practice fuel safety at all times (at home and on the job). When at work, follow your employer’s rules and report fuel spills to your supervisor immediately. Know where proper fire extinguishers are located (try to have one with you while refueling) and how to use the extinguisher correctly. Your life may depend on it!


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