Six Principles to Live and Work By

By: Julie East, Corp. Marketing & Recruiting

Sep 28, 2021

Within each of us is a kind of mental computer – an automated system that eases the responsibility of decision-making in simple situations. This programming begins at a very young age. For example, we are taught as children not to touch hot things, i.e., candles, stoves, fire, etc.  It creates a conditioned response that over the course of just a few repetitions automatically triggers us to NOT TOUCH.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have to stand in front of my hot stove and make a conscious decision on whether or not to touch it.   

Nothing creates more tension in our daily lives than stressing over minor decisions.  However, we can program our brains to deal with these various “triggers” to help ease the stress and free our brains to deal with more complicated matters.  The following are a few principles to live and work by that will make dealing with life and work a lot easier:



If you live life always wanting more or wanting something else, then you will never be content. How much is more? When is more enough? Program yourself to be happy with what you have. Anything more is just a bonus, or as we say in South Louisiana, “lagniappe.” If you think contentment comes from getting more, then you will never truly be content.



Every person and every situation is different. When you reject someone solely on class, color, origin, etc., you have based your judgment on a superficial observation, which not only creates an enemy, but also robs you of the opportunity to enjoy the diversity life has to offer. Like a good book, you can’t judge by the cover.  

One of my favorite examples is Sam Walton. At first glance, you would never think that a 70-year-old man, who habitually drove around in a beat-up, red & white Ford truck, would be one of the richest men in America. But that is exactly what Sam Walton, founder and owner of Walmart retail stores, drove around in. When asked why he drove that beat-up truck, Sam responded, “What am I supposed to haul my dogs around in?  A Rolls Royce?”



Yes, you read that right.  Getting hit, tackled, scraped up, and knocked down is part of life. Be excited you had the opportunity to try! Enjoying the trying as much as the succeeding makes life more enjoyable. Learn from the failures and program your brain to enjoy playing the game…even when you lose. Life is fun! Enjoy the bumps along with the joy!



What difference does it make whose fault it is? Solve the problem. This is especially true in business.  Managers don’t want to hear blame; they want solutions! If it’s your fault, accept the responsibility, create a solution and move on. God deals with forgiveness; the devil deals in guilt.



We all have things in our past we would rather forget. Set aside the bad memories and set free the good ones. Ask for forgiveness and the things that held you down will lose their hold on you. Let the good past build you up.  Learn from the bad past, and then leave it where it belongs – in the rear view mirror.



Everyone needs rest, diversion, recreation, and an occasional change of pace. This is one of Lofton’s guiding principles, as well: Have fun…and be better!  Enjoy your work and enjoy your play. Take small breaks during the work day and build connections with your co-workers. Share a story, find a common interest, and spend time outside the office with them. Enjoy the time you spend together.  Take vacations: big ones and small ones. Plan long vacations with the family or small weekend day trips to recharge the batteries.  After all…Life is a temporary assignment!


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We Believe...

Relationships are built…one on one.
Know your people - match interest and talents to the tasks.
Don’t manage by numbers. (They just show if we’re on track.) People do the work.
People should feel better when they leave than when they came – and in turn we feel better.
When we help others, we help ourselves.
Great expectations: fair pay, fair treatment, teach me.
Have fun…and be better.
Work at having fun (51% of the time.) If you don’t feel it, fake it. Having fun is not slacking off. Work is more natural than play.