Winter Slips & Falls

By: Steve Ham, Lofton Safety Services

Feb 16, 2021

When it comes to protecting employees and guests in these winter months, taking a few safety measures at your facility can help reduce workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims.


ANTI-SLIP FOOTWEAR!  The trouble with cold feet is that you can’t be safe just by keeping them warm.  It’s all about safeguarding the soles. With all the ice and water workers have to tread on at this time of the year, it’s best to have a pair of non-skid shoes, anti-slip overshoes, ice walkers or other anti-slip footwear. It’s plain common sense, but there’s no harm in mentioning it: no cowboy boots, sneakers, leather shoes or plastic-soled shoes. Implementation should be monitored strictly for the safety of your employees.


MARK HIGHLY VULNERABLE AREAS.  Determine walkways and other areas that may be covered with ice or water. Then, mark these areas with a highly visible pole or similar marker.  Also, be sure to check outdoor work areas or walkways for low spots or cracks. By repairing these spots or cracks, you can prevent ice and water from accumulating in these areas.


FLOOR MATS AND “WET FLOOR” SIGNS.  Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a slippery floor from a dry one, so be sure to have more than enough floor mats and “Wet Floor” signs.  Just place floor mats at entrances to reduce tracking in of ice and water, and place “Wet Floor” signs in areas that may cause slipping or falling.  Be sure to check mats periodically and replace those that have frayed or have curled-up edges. Stick to non-slip floor mats that have rubber padding.


LET EMPLOYEES DO THEIR OWN SPRINKLING.  When it comes to icy walkways, placing drums of rock salt near entrances will allow employees to conveniently take care of outdoor spots covered with ice or snow.  Sand also works well in providing traction for slippery surfaces. You may want to substitute potassium-based de-icers for salt, as the latter can damage lawns, concrete, carpets and floors when workers walk inside and track the salt debris.


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