Lofton Staffing Services Acquires Key Medical Staffing Company

Jul 1, 2010

Lofton Corporation, July 1, 2010:  Lofton Staffing Services, an established regional leader in staffing and security services, announced today the acquisition of Flex Med, Inc.,  Medical Staffing & Training, allowing Lofton to expand its presence in the highly competitive medical staffing market, while offering its new clients a complete range of staffing and security services.

The acquisition brings Flex Med into new key markets throughout Louisiana and Texas.  Since Lafayette is the original market for Flex Med, the combination with the Lofton brand will immediately create a very strong market presence.  In addition to expanding Flex Med’s market presence, Lofton will gain a strong team of experienced medical staffing professionals, including founders Tag and Heather Doss, who will be assuming the CNO and COO role of the Flex Med division within Lofton.

"The acquisition of Flex Med is a key component of our strategy to grow in the medical staffing market, while adding talent and experience to our internal team,” says Bret Lofton, Co-President of Lofton Staffing.  "In today’s competitive environment, businesses must be able to effectively recruit skilled talent to operate their facilities.  Lofton and Flex Med have proven for many  years that we understand the challenges in staffing and can partner with our clients to provide those services effectively.”

The agreement between the two Louisiana based companies will be effective July 1, 2010.  The business will continue to operate as Flex Med, but will combine locations into the current Lofton office in Lafayette.  There will be no loss of jobs as a result of the combination.

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