Lofton Takes Care of All Employer Obligations


Since the personnel placed at your location are Lofton employees (with the exception of Direct hire),  Lofton takes charge of all employer responsibilities, including:

  • Employee hourly wage
  • Employee payroll taxes
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment & unemployment taxes
  • Cost of payroll check processing
  • Administrative costs
  • Recruit, evaluate, screen and monitor employees
  • Generation and distribution of W2 forms
  • Employers social security contributions
  • Liability Insurance
  • Filling of any and all government reports
  • Maintain all personnel records for employees

To minimize your involvement with our employees and maximize productivity, Lofton establishes at the outset what our employees need to know to perform optimally at your company.  Then, before the assignment begins, Lofton orients each employee with pertinent information such as where to report, dress code, lunch hour and location logistics.   

Employee Benefits

We believe in providing the best possible environment for our employees.  In accordance with that philosophy, Lofton provides a benefits package that is highly competitive in today’s market. We feel that a comprehensive benefit package is a leading factor in job satisfaction and is the key to attracting and retaining top talent.

Lofton's health care benefits allows our eligible employees to not only elect the minimum essential coverage plan, but also the option to buy-up to better coverage. Our benefits and incentives show our appreciation to our employees and demonstrates our commitment that a long-term working relationship with Lofton can be fulfilling as well as financially satisfying.


We Believe...

Relationships are built…one on one.
Know your people - match interest and talents to the tasks.
Don’t manage by numbers. (They just show if we’re on track.) People do the work.
People should feel better when they leave than when they came – and in turn we feel better.
When we help others, we help ourselves.
Great expectations: fair pay, fair treatment, teach me.
Have fun…and be better.
Work at having fun (51% of the time.) If you don’t feel it, fake it. Having fun is not slacking off. Work is more natural than play.